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Compendium of information on the Berlin Wall in English

• Modern maps of the entire historical route
Detailed illustrations of its functionality
Data and graphics difficult to find

Understanding the Berlin Wall is a unique, pocket-sized guide, essential for understanding the mechanics of the most emblematic structure of the Cold War. Contains some of the most detailed maps of the 160km Muro route currently available to the general public. The map allows you to visit any point in the old barrier-cutting process and compare its current aspect with that of the era in which entire Western Berlin unfolds, dividing communities and separating friends and families. Another section marks a complete circuit, up to 50 places where you can see wall ruins and other historic fortifications. Understanding the Berlin Wall in depth with detailed 3D infographics, timelines and graphic illustrations explaining in a nutshell the distinct phases of the construction of the Wall, the process in each of the city's frontiers, as well as the statistical difficulties of encounter the victims of the storm, the tunnel routes and much more. Understanding the Berlin Wall has been written and designed by Jan Schwochow, one of Germany's most famous visual journalists and author of numerous books of infographics, including The World Explained by Prestel. Just like Understanding The Berlin Wall, the books provide comprehensive information that is easy to understand.

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