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Berlin Wall infographics compendium now
in English
  • Modern maps of its entire historic course
  • Detailed illustrations on how it worked
  • Hard-to-find facts and charts
Understanding The Berlin Wall is a unique, pocket-sized guidebook that is indispensable for gaining insight into the mechanics of the Cold War's most iconic structure. It contains some of the most detailed maps of the Wall's 160 km route now available to the general public. The plan makes it possible to visit any point along the barrier's former course, and compare what it looks like today to the period when it completely enveloped West Berlin, dividing communities and separating friends and families. Another section outlines a tour of the entire course, to over 50 sites where Wall ruins and other historic fortifications remain visible. Understanding the Berlin Wall abounds with sumptuous 3-D infographics, timelines and illustrated charts that explain at a glance the various phases of Wall's construction, the procedure at each of the city's border crossings, plus hard-to-find statistics about escape victims, tunnel routes and much more. Understanding the Berlin Wall was written and designed by Jan Schwochow, one of Germany's most celebrated visual journalists and author of many infographics books, including The World Explained , from Prestel. Like Understanding The Berlin Wall , the books portray complex information in an easy-to-understand way.

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